Anonymous said: i'd like to see you cum in a bowl of spaghtti. a-and if it's not too much trouble i'd like to see more of your dick

I’ll see what I can do.

Item #9: Cumming On Doritos

Someone from Tumblr got me so horny tonight that I felt compelled to make a new entry on this blog.

What do you guys want to see jizzed on next?

Item #8: Cumming On A Croissant

Bonus “Making Of” Gif

Item #7: Cumming On Cookies

As usual, suggestions for things you want to see defiled are always welcomed.

Item #6: Cumming On A Playstation 3 

Item #5: Cumming On A Digital Camera

Item #4: Cumming On A Notebook Hard Drive

Item #3: Cumming On An iPod

Item #2: Cumming on Reservoir Dogs Blu-Ray

My load wasn’t as big as I wanted it to be, but the orgasm felt fantastic.

Cumming on my HD camcorder.

Pictures of completely random items covered with my semen.

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